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Amana electric wall oven -- 30 years old - Oven light cover gasket insulation?


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Feb 22, 2022
Model Number
A0 27 SE
More than 10 years
Amana electric wall oven -- 30 years old, Model A0 (or AO) 27 SE. Interior light bulb recently failed. On removing the gasket that holds the glass cover of the light bulb recess, the insulation/cushioning material on the back of the gasket's flange came off in pieces.

I can just put some self-stick rubber foam weather insulation on the back of the gasket flange. But I don't know if that will result in smoke or worse -- whether it would be safe at 550F or so. Would that be OK, or is there some other material that would be more suitable?
I can just put some self-stick rubber foam weather insulation on the back of the gasket flange

I would strongly suggest you NOT attempt that. It probably wouldn't withstand a temperature of 100 deg. F.

You could see if one of these gaskets from different makes is an appropriate size to fit in place:

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LINK > Oven Light Gasket WP3184533

LINK > Oven Light Gasket WB2X9151

LINK > Oven Light Gasket WB32K5

Dan O.
(I see I was using the wrong terminology. I don't know what the right word is for the metal part that the gasket goes on.)

Thanks for the research! The middle one in your list is the right outside diameter, although its inside diameter is too small (ring too thick). I could trim it, but at $10.62 plus $10.95 shipping and handling I'll try to think of something else.
Maybe you can cut an engine gasket to size? The material has to be designed to withstand considerable heat, not just seal the gap.

The metal ring could be referring to as the light cover 'retainer'. Different manufacturers use different terminology.

Dan O.
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