Amana French Door Refrigerator


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Aug 8, 2012
This is a friendly cautionary tale for anyone in the market for a refrigerator.

(1) A little more than four years after I bought an Amana French Door refrigerator (Model # AFI2538AEQ), the ice-maker quit, and a replacement was no longer available. Whirlpool--which now owns Amana and several other once-reliable appliance makers--took over half a year to approve and get into production a new replacement. the costs of the ice-maker and the installation were astronomical.

(2) Meanwhile the compressor in this refrigerator went bad. As a gesture of good will (perhaps because of its indefensible record on the ice-maker) Amana did pay for the new compressor, though of course I had to pay for the very high installation.

It may be that one simply cannot get a reliable refrigerator these days, despite Consumer Reports high ratings. In any case, I would urge people in the market for a refrigerator to think twice before buying one made by Amana or any other company that Whirlpool has gobbled up.