Amana Gas Dryer model NGD4655EW - gets warm but takes multiple cycles to dry

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Aug 18, 2017
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1-5 years
Dryer gets warm but does not dry in 1 cycle. Lint trap clean, rear of dryer removed to clean possible lint clogs. Snaked vent to ensure good air flow. No condensation build up. Dryer is less than 2 years old. Suggestions?


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Jul 11, 2006
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When it takes more than one cycle to dry a load, most of the time the problem is an airflow issue. Did you clean the outside vent? They usually have a flapper that gets stuck sometimes and blocks the airflow. Make sure you can feel the air blowing through the outside vent. Make sure drum is empty (no clothes) and the lint screen is clean. Remove the vent hose from the dryer. Start the dryer on high heat, timed dry (about 40 minutes). Measure the temperature at the vent. If your meter can't read temperatures, a meat thermometer will work. You should have 170*F - 190*F.

If the temperatures are too low the problem could be the gas valve coils. On the front panel below the door on the left side is a plastic piece that usually has the Maytag logo on it. That's a view port. Use a small screwdriver to pop it out and watch what the gas valve is doing. What you should see and hear when you start the dryer is a click and the igniter should glow bright red.

Then you'll hear another click, and the igniter will turn off and the valve opens and lets the gas flow through and ignites from the still hot igniter.

Then you'll see the flame for several minutes. When the dryer reaches the correct temperature the cycling thermostat will open shutting off power to the gas valve and the valve closes stopping the gas flow.

When the temperature goes below 150*F, the thermostat closes restoring power to the gas valve. You'll hear a click (holding coil opens in valve and the igniter glows red). The igniter is by the flame switch. When the heat from the igniter opens the flame switch the igniter shuts off and voltage is directed to the main valve and you hear another click and the valve opens, and gas flows through the valve and is ignited by the still hot igniter.

This continues throughout the cycle. If you see the igniter glow red then shut off but there is no flame or gas flow, replace the coils.

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