Amana (Maytag) dryer: 505474P timer assembly (BRAND NEW!!!)


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Jan 18, 2007
San Francisco CA
This timer assembly is Maytag (Amana) part #505474P, which works for LEA30AW and similar models of dryers. It is brand new, never used, in the box it came in from the Maytag factory, with instructions and also a connector and jumper wire that you can use to match 1/4" connectors to 3/16" tabs on the board. These are hard to find and selling for $250-350 around the internet -- much cheaper than having to replace an otherwise fine dryer! -- but I am willing to sell it for significantly less.

Don't I feel stupid - this was purchased for a dryer problem that was diagnosed as a timer malfunction. Wouldn't you know it, though, it was just that the circuit breaker had tripped (not a nice circuit breaker - it still showed as "on" even though it had tripped "off", so nobody thought it had tripped!).

Anyway, that's how I got it but I don't need it. Meanwhile, I hate to think that someone else might have to take their dryer out and shoot it just for not being able to find one of these timers. So, if anyone is interested in buying it to use for a dryer that really needs it, drop me a note at - looking forward to hearing from you!