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Amana NED7200TW dryer won't heat


Oct 16, 2019
Missoula MT
Model Number
6-10 years
Hello! I investigated and replaced the dryer heater and confirmed there was a break in the wire; however, it is still not heating. Leading up to that, for a few days it took several cycles to dry, then it quit heating altogether.

I connected the wires the same way they came off: the front set was red on top, blue on the bottom. The next 2 wire attachments (I didn't disconnect wires, just the thing they were wired in to). On a different video however, they have the blue wire on top and red on the bottom. Could that make a difference?

I take pics to make sure I put it back the same way. Could a broken heater break a different part that needs to be fixed?
You possibly blow out the thermal fuse too, its located on your heating element housing, that's possibly why its still not heating.

Here's the thermal fuse for your model:
Thermal Fuse WP35001193

There is a video in the part link that shows you how to ohm test that thermal fuse. Unplug your dryer first!

The reason is takes a long time to dry a load and these parts went out is you have a vent restriction to the outside of your house. Go outside your house and see if your dryer vent is clogged with lint.

Also pull the dryer away from the wall and see if its clogged with lint in that your exhaust where it goes to your wall.

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