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Amana NTW4516FW1 won’t spin


Jul 2, 2019
Model Number
1-5 years
My washer won’t spin during cycles or on drain/spin but passes the self diagnostic and even spins during it. The final spin light will be flashing and the lid lock light is on solid red. What parts might I need to replace?


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona

It is draining the water first correct?

If so, I had one do this same thing about a year ago and it was the shift actuator that was the culprit.

But I always check for error code first, my error code was F7E1 but it can also be F7E5 that will cause this too.

I'm attaching the tech. data sheet for your model below.

Page 2 will show you how to get into the diagnostics to check for the error code.

Here's the shift actuator for your model you can order:
W10913953 Actuator

Here's the video that shows how to replace it: Replace Shift Actuator Video

You can Do this test below to verify it too:

Go into diagnostics and retrieve the codes, and clear them. This is very important since most complaints start with the lid lock on and blinking, or the unit will not start and spin.

If, when in diagnostics the codes are F7E1, F7E5, or motor speed codes, then chances are it is a motor, capacitor, or shifter related issue. Once the codes are cleared, put the washer into a manual diagnostic test and run the HEAVY AGITATION; if
after 15‐20 Seconds the motor runs then you can rule out the motor, capacitor, control, and most likely the wiring harness connections (although still check the BK wire from the shifter to the control). Remember, the timing wheel only turns in the
transmission during the spin cycle.

Next, while in Manual diagnostics, try to get the unit to spin; if the motor hums for a split second and then shuts down with the lid lock blinking; go back into diagnostic codes and look for shifter or speed sensor errors.

This is proof that the shifter/sensor assembly(shift actuator) is the issue because the optical sensor is not reading the motor speed.

Let us know what you find.