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Amana Washer NTW4516FW3 stops mid cycle


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Jul 5, 2022
Winston Salem
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1-5 years
Hello all, I have an Amana top load washer that is intermittently stopping mid cycle. Typically it is in the wash, or rinse part of the cycle. It will run a full cycle empty but when loaded it stalls out mid cycle. I have tried the unplug for a minute and open/close the lid reset with no discernible change. Water seems to be flowing well from what I can observe. Any advice would be appreciated.
When it stalls out mid cycle are the lights still on or flashing? Any sounds at all like its trying to do something?

Here's the tech. data sheet for your model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_VSk1cuHgkuPVOZYUPCZVccBNI6G6KQG/view?usp=sharing

You can get into the ACTIVATING THE SERVICE DIAGNOSTIC TEST MODES and see what fault codes you get, if any.

On Page 2 of your tech. data sheet do: ACTIVATING THE SERVICE DIAGNOSTIC TEST MODES

Then do FAULT CODE DISPLAY MODE on Page 3--->Then you can see what fault code/codes you are getting on Page 6 and Page 7: FAULT/ERROR CODES

When it stops the light indicating the state it was in stays on no other lights light up, it doesn’t make any sounds and the lid lock never engages. Tried the error code procedure but all the lights except lid lock blink twice then a pause then they blink again. Did not see an error code in the book that corresponded with that sequence.
Ok, now do MANUAL TEST MODE: Page 9

MANUAL TEST MODE — See page 4 to access Manual Test Mode. = ON
Pressing the START button will activate/deactivate each output. When the output is activated, the corresponding Status LEDs will flash. IMPORTANT: Lid must be closed and locked to perform SPIN & AGITATE tests.

LID LOCK--->Lock and unlock the lid. NOTES: When lock is enabled, the “Lid Lock” LED will turn ON. Will only lock when lid is closed.
Will only unlock when basket RPM is 0. If lid is not closed, washer will flash status LEDs on and off.
--->If lid does not lock or unlock, go to TEST #8: Lid Lock, page 18.

Here's the parts list for your model: NTW4516FW3

I performed all of the manual tests in the manual and they all worked without issue. Thank you for the parts list, can’t wait to figure out which parts I need to order. Intermittent issues are the worst!
That's very odd, its possibly a control board problem.

Do what I mentioned here in this post and let us know what happens:

Looked at the board indicated on page 2 of the manual and the LED that it references is on. Was there a dithered test from that point? The manual seemed to indicate further steps if the LED was off but did not say how to proceed if on.
Ok, the only thing it says for Troubleshooting for stalling out is on page 11 is--->CYCLE TIME LONGER THAN EXPECTED

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