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Amana (XLS Products?) AMAP081CW documentation


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Jul 30, 2022
Dallas, TX
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I have been to many online part houses and none have a match for this 8000 BTU window unit. I copied the model number from the right side of the unit and there are many retail hits but I cannot find a schematic or parts list. While it has an Amana badge it is apparently made by XLS Products. I bought it online and the return window closed but since it was still under warranty I got a refund and they told me not to return it. That makes sense because margin is low and shipping is high.

The problem is that the electronics has gone nuts. It will power cycle itself and then set itself to 88 degrees and front panel is non-responsive. However if a remote button is pressed it will execute it repeatedly, so temp will go all the way up or all the way down. Clicking fan once causes it to cycle through all settings repeatedly. So the short term fix is to wait until the temp hits 74 and click the eco button once.

So worst case it can be made usable with a bang-bang t-stat but would be nice just to replace the control board. Should have mentioned 2 minute power off/on sometimes fixes it for a few hours. A schematic might help but so much stuff is crammed into SOCs these days it is often hard to segregate. Ironically I guess I am a victim of my own trade as I am an embedded firmware developer.

Sorry, TMI. Bottom line I would like a parts source and or docs.

That model looks to have been produced under license. Try asking this company:

LINK > http://www.amanahomecomfort.com/

Failing that, try getting the numbers off the original part. Maybe it can be traced to the OEM manufacturer?

As for a wiring diagram, those are usually on or in the appliance somewhere. Have you looked under the cover or in the control panel area? If you're asking for a schematic of the electronic control, don't hold your breath. Manufacturers don't usually give them out if they have them at all (which is rare).


Dan O.
Thanks for the info. I know the OEM is XLS Products but cannot find anything there.

I wanted a schematic because as long as it is limping along and the daytime temps are 100+ I did not want to pull it and tear it down.

From my line of work I know better than to expect a control board schematic and I expect a whole lot of functions are crammed into an SOC. So I will just have to treat it like a black box test where I know the "goes intos" and the "comes outas".

jvh24521 said:
I know the OEM is XLS Products

XLS is likely just a marketing company that buys products from various OEM manufacturers and puts their brand name on it. It is a common practice with 'off-brand' and 'licensed' products (see the following link).

LINK > Appliance411 : The Purchase : Appliance Brands

Such products rarely have any online support and usually the only chance of getting such information (when even possible!) is by actually contacting the company involved and asking and not just looking at their site. Such companies rarely go through the expense of setting up the usual support networks. That's why they scrap things rather than fixing them when under warranty.

Good luck!

Dan O.
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