Another Kenmore Elite/Whirlpool circuit board fire


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Feb 6, 2016
Burlington, ON, Canada
Model: 665.16593200
Brand: Sears Kenmore
Age: More than 10 years old

Last Saturday, started my 2003 Kenmore Elite (made by Whirlpool, I know now). Within five minutes, saw white smoke exiting top of door and burning electrical smell. Opened the door, but the machine kept running. With a 'poof' flames exited the top right corner of the door. Ran to basement and flipped the breaker, which stopped the whole sordid affair.

Anyway, I called Sears Canada and they were ridiculous to deal with. Eventually, after much ranting, I reached someone in my own country, and while sympathetic, all they could offer me was 20% off a new machine bought at Sears.

I called Whirlpool Canada, and surprisingly, they were much better to deal with. Despite the fact that the machine is 12 years old, I was told their Appliance Safety Department would be very interested in this and they sent a technician out to my house free of charge.

His diagnosis - circuit board overheated (some fuse may have failed), need new circuit board, wiring harness, door switch and the entire plastic top of the door that it's all contained in. He said, typically within five days, they (Whirlpool) will report back and either a) authorize him to fix it, b) install a new unit or c) congratulate me on not dying in a kitchen fire, but it's a 12 year old unit and things do wear out. So sorry.

I'll see how it goes. I understand wear and tear perfectly and if the pump motor or some other 'mechanical' part failed, I'd think - "12 (almost thirteen) years of (usually) every other day use, I got my money out of this machine." However, a circuit board fire is a different matter entirely.

Still, I'm much happier with the way Whirlpool Canada treated this, than the way Sears Canada did.