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Jul 11, 2006
Murray, Utah 84107, United States
Since no one has posted here before with an appliance store testimonial, I'll be the first. The Appliance Parts Company store here in Salt Lake has a bunch of great guys and a gal working there. Their customer service is outstanding. About a month ago I went to West Yellowstone to visit my Sister and Brother in law who recently purchased a motel at the end of town. They have 3 Whirlpool sets in their laundry room and as usual with relations, they waited until I got there before they told me only one washer and one dryer was working. Even their own dryer, also a whirlpool, was making noises. It's 1:30 PM on a Friday and armed with only a reversible pocket screw driver and a pair of pliers, I attacked each one. I love a challenge and by 2:15 PM I knew I needed two couplers, two thermal fuses, one idler pulley, and three sets of rollers. I gave the list to my Brother-in-law and a brief instruction on replacing each part. However, I knew I had lost him with the first sentence, "You'll need to remove the bolt in the coin box". He's an artist, need I say more? He told me the closest place was Bozeman for parts and the earliest was Monday morning. My Sister offered me the room for free for the two nights I was staying if I would extend my stay and go to Bozeman Monday, buy the parts and fix the machines. I agreed but the thought of driving all the way to Bozeman and then paying full retail for the parts wasn't sitting well with me. I called Appliance Parts Company in Salt Lake at 2:40 PM. I talked to my friend Mike there and asked him if he would ship them to me. He said he would so I wasn't expecting the parts until Monday at the earliest but figured they wouldn't arrive until Tuesday some time. After spending most of the day Saturday in the park we arrived back at the motel around 4:00 PM. My sister was just getting back from the post office and to my surprise with the parts I ordered 24 hours earlier. Kudo's and many thanks to the Appliance Parts Company!!