Approaching a Refrigerator Repair Service Provider to Repair the Refrigerator

Sep 16, 2020
LG Refrigerator LFXC22596S

I got transferred from Toronto to Brampton recently. Since it was a sudden transfer, I had to pack all my goods and move with my family there. We had to stay in a hotel until we found a house for rent. When we found a rented house, we started unpacking the goods. After unpacking the refrigerator, we plugged it immediately and started storing food items inside it. Even though we kept it after some time, we found that it was not in good working condition. So we approached a refrigerator repair service provider called nearby and told them about the issue. They were so willing to help us in this situation. They came and checked our refrigerator and fixed it for us on that day itself. We were so happy with the services rendered by them for making our refrigerator in good working condition.