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Are DACOR gas cooktops made by Samsung?


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Dec 19, 2022
South Texas
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Less than 1 year
We bought a 36" Dacor gas cooktop recently during BF week. It's not delivered yet. Dacor p/n DTG36P875NS.

Noticed it looked identical to the Samsung cooktop. I think the only difference was the color of the LED's on the knobs. The Dacor was about $200-$300 cheaper at the time compared to the identical Samsung.

I know Samsung bought Dacor a few years back, so is Dacor making the gas cooktops for Samsung or is Samsung rebranding their cooktops as Dacor?

Does anyone have any experience with this cooktop, or Samsung's version??



Thank you
Since you already purchased it what difference does it make now? Not being a wise a$$ just curious.
couple of reasons...

-parts compatibility in the future, If I need a Dacor part and it's unavailable but the Samsung part is...

-Not many reviews on the Dacor, so if I have an issue in the future and want to troubleshoot it but I don't find any info for the Dacor, I can search for the Samsung model instead to see if it's having the same issue if they are in fact identical cooktops

-I like knowing stuff
All I can say about Dacor after doing their warranty is they used to have good support with Dave Herman. That was 10 years ago. Now all I can say is they were a good outfit to work with back then. Good luck

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