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Are there really "smart" thermostats out there?


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Jul 30, 2022
Northern Virginia
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Hi. We have a WIFI-enabled thermostat controlling our Amana natural gas-fired furnace and the associated air conditioning system. The only thing that seems to be lacking when it comes to fully automating operation of this sort of an HVAC system, is the smarts or ability to automatically transition system modes between heating and cooling.

Are there any thermostats that automatically change from heating to cooling and vice versa or is there some reason that this should never be contemplated in a home HVAC system?
is there some reason that this should never be contemplated in a home HVAC system?

So when it's cold the thermostat turns on the heat. Once hot the thermostat turns on the A/C. Once cold again the thermostat turns on the heat, etc., etc., etc.

That might not be very efficient?

Just a thought.

Dan O.
That's probably correct but my point is that my system is currently forced to do the same thing but manually. We have a week of 86 F degree weather here in Northern Virginia and now it's going down to the mid to low 20's for several days then right back up.
Maybe someone can (or has) designed a thermostat with multiple set points, ie. Over 80 the A/C comes on, under 60 the heater comes on. Too narrow of differential in between as I said could cause one to trigger the other to run resulting in one of the other running all the time = $$$

Dan O.

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