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ARR6200W Bottom element burned apart, Now no heat in oven at all.


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May 11, 2015
Omaha, NE
Model Number
6-10 years
BOM: P1143440N W

Bottom element burned apart, and then arced white blue for a minute, Now no heat in oven at all.

Amana, "First Edition" model. Four elements on stove top still work.

2 elements inside oven. Bottom one melted and then separated, complete with an intense, bright white arc for a minute.

A few days later I replaced the bottom element, turned it on. Nothing. Stove top still works just fine.

I opened the back to look for a fuse. I don't see a fuse. There's a relay, but I don't see anything else other than wires, and a block to the cord. There's a circuit board behind the dashboard near the top.

Do some of the units shipped in the 2000s come without a fuse?

Any ideas what might be wrong with it? Thanks.
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Please post the BOM number, so we can see which one yours is to check to see if yours uses thermal fuses or not.:)

It should be one of these below:

ARR6300W (BOM: P1142669N W)
ARR6300W (BOM: P1143414N W)
ARR6300W (BOM: P1143421N W)
ARR6300W (BOM: P1143428N W)

Actually a model ARR6200W (BOM: P1143440N W).

I was just guessing about the model no. in the OM yesterday, before I just now discovered the label in the right vertical frame of the bottom storage drawer.

I can also amend the OM with: it likely would have kept sparking and arcing beyond a minute if I hadn't switched it off manually by then at the circuit breaker.
Ok, thanks.

On this model you have a mechanical oven thermostat for the bake element, I don't see a thermal fuse on yours. It possibly shorted out your oven thermostat when the bake element blow out.

So I'd turn the breaker off to your range and ohm test the oven thermostat and see if you get continuity.

Unfortunately, the oven thermostat is No Longer Available for your model.

Ok thanks, I'll look at the thermostat. This is all actually great news since it might be an additional reason to just get a newer oven.
Ok ls7, sounds good. Yes, a new range may be in your future.:)

I suggest staying with Amana, or Whirlpool or Maytag.:)

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