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ARS8267BC Ice maker activates water dispenser

Check the wires where they go into the door below the lower door hinge first. Look for any pinched or broken wires. The yellow wire comes straight from the dispenser board and the tan wire comes from the ice maker.

So as it stands now the dispenser works correctly and when the ice maker is calling for water both coils (brown and blue) are getting 91 VAC and water fills the ice maker and comes out the dispenser at the same time.

On the ice maker module, measure the voltage between holes "L" and "N".

Your meter should indicate 120 VAC. You can activate the water valves from the ice maker power module. Use a piece of insulated wire and short "L" and "V". Water should come into the ice maker. See if also comes out the dispenser.

The holes are marked on the power module:
Ice Maker Module No Cover.jpg
Did not detect any pinched or broken wires. Using your new hint to activate filling of the ice maker with water I measured voltages to all solenoids during fill.

Primary blue 4.7v, primary brown 104v, secondary blue, 3.7v, secondary brown 91v. Voltage across "L" and "N" is 120v. Shorting "L" and "V" results in water coming out of the ice maker and the dispenser.

More water to the dispenser than the ice maker.
I think you nailed it with the ice maker module. For some reason, the power module must be causing the problem. I'm just guessing because I can't think of anything else except maybe the dispenser board that can cause that problem.
All credit for resolution goes to you, Rick. Thank you very much for your patience and great assistance! It appears that low voltage to the brown ice maker solenoids is causing the sound as they partially engage.

The partially open solenoids is likely also why a small amount of water flows into the ice maker. The mystery is why and how water is pushed out of the dispenser?

The dispenser solenoids do not activate, but water is somehow being pushed through the dispenser lines. In your opinion, is the most likely cause of the low ice maker solenoid voltages the ice maker module or the dispenser board?
I would think the ice maker is the problem. When you disconnect the yellow and white wires (dispenser) from both solenoids, does the low voltage state still exist?

Any voltage is coming from just the ice maker as long as the yellow wire is disconnected.

I hope it's not the dispenser board, it's been discontinued by the manufacturer.

If the ice maker doesn't fix it you can return it for a full refund less shipping:
D7824706Q Ice Maker
Yes, the low voltage condition does exist when the dispenser connections are removed. Pretty easy to see that the ice maker replacement is the next best, and perhaps only action to be taken. Thank you very much for your great help, Rick.
Anytime my friend, that's the first time I've seen an icemaker cause that kind of problem. Be sure to keep us posted.

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