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Asko W6461 stops mid-cycle, no error displayed.


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Nov 28, 2016
A 110VAC country
Model Number
Asko W6461
More than 10 years
Hi again,

The same guy who asked me to repair the fridge also has a failed Asko W6461 he bought in 2005. This is a higher-end, horizontal drum machine. According to him, it has suddenly stopped working properly, not completing cycle, but not displaying any error either. Frustrating.

He brought me the relay board, the timer board and the rotary encoder, all extremely expensive parts to replace ($500+ total) as he wanted a second opinion. No part appears burnt, relays have proper contact, no swelled capacitors. The basics. The rotary encoder, though, had pretty rusty contacts, and I advised him to try to clean these off, under the plastic part.

I thought that after 15-ish years, our city's moderately hard water may have taken its toll and blocked something. So I asked him to test the drain pump independently by connecting it to AC while machine is full as I recall hearing about a similar failure in a dishwasher installed in an area of pretty hard water.

Some people list lid switch/door switch may be at fault, but how could a horizontal-drum washer be able to start its cycle in the first place? I also thought the washer may be waiting indefinitely for cold water to flow in after a blocked inlet valve, but this unit throws an error in such a case.

What else could cause this kind of failure?