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Asurion Extended Warranty from Lowes – Buyer Beware


Feb 25, 2023
Calgary, AB
After countless hours of dealing with this company to resolve our washing machine issue I came to terms with the fact that the extended warranty through Asurion is a very bad investment and does not provide peace of mind, only grief!

We purchased a Maytag Washer and Dryer set on Mar 15, 2018, from Lowes and paid $304.47 for 4 years of extended warranty through Asurion which should have protected the investment until Mar 15, 2023.

In February of 2022 the Maytag washer model MVWB765FW began making a high-pitched screeching sound while in agitation mode and the extended warranty company was contacted…

Feb 26 Asurion was called to register the warranty claim.

Mar 2 The first red flag was when Asurion was unable to find a repair company close to our location, and they attempted to go through Whirlpool who declined to assist.

Mar 7 Asurion informed the warranty call was dispatched to an appliance repair company 100 kms away. I decided to confirm with the repair company that everything was in order and when I called them, they informed me that their estimate was refused because their cost to travel was above the predetermined Asurion guidelines.

I called Asurion to find out why they were not authorizing the repair and they replied they were going to investigate it. Asurion was able to resolve the approval issue with the appliance repair company who would be calling to book the service call and the appointment was confirmed for Mar 18

Mar 18 Appliance repair person arrived… The washer did not make the loud noise during the service call. Apparently, the agitator was very difficult to remove, causing the repair person to break a tool. Apart from the issue with removing the agitator there was nothing visibly wrong or so he reported and left.

Mar 23 The washer returned to screeching, the appliance repair company was called, and they suggested sending a video to capture the noise, which I did.

Mar 31 The appliance repair company emailed that they had requested a 2nd trip to re-check the washer and had not received authorization from Asurion to return.

Apr 2 Next the repair ticket was closed! Who closed it, the appliance repair company couldn’t say for sure?

Apr 8 Asurion was contacted to ask why the ticket was closed, they were going to check into it.

Apr 19 The appliance repair company was called to check the status of second service request and this time they said they did not issue a second request to investigate the unresolved issue after the ticket was closed on Mar 31 and they advised that a new ticket should be opened

Asurion was contacted to open a new ticket as the repair was not complete. Asurion recommended I convince the appliance repair company to re-diagnose the issue.

Ticket Escalation: I expressed my dissatisfaction with this go around and Asurion gave me the option to escalate the ticket which I decided proceed with.

May 6 Asurion called indicating it would take 2-4 business days for the escalation process.

May 10 Asurion initiated a new claim to be escalated through the same appliance repair company who were given approval to proceed.

May 24 Asurion called to report they were refusing the new claim to repair the washer due to a report the appliance repair company provided on May 15. The report stated that in the opinion of the appliance repair company the washer issue was due to something we had done, but there was no evidence to back that opinion!! At this point I decided enough time and effort had been wasted getting nowhere to resolve the washer issue.

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