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Avanti Wine Fridge WCR682SS-2-- no power


Jun 17, 2020
Model Number
-major brand-
1-5 years
Hi all, I've had two of these wine fridges for about 5 years and I saw the lights on one of them flickering the other night and then the next day no power at all. No lights, no fan, no cooling. The other fridge plugged into the same surge protector seems to be operating as normal. I bought a multimeter but not sure I have all the appropriate hookups to test the fridge. Some online research suggests that likely culprits are either the PCB or the relay. As background though, the first few months I owned the fridges, one of them was plugged into an outlet where the circuit breaker tripped.

Fridge gave me an error message and the fan stopped working (and destroyed a lot of wine in the process). I unplugged it for a couple months, and by the time I got around to fixing it and plugged it back in, the error message had gone away and the fan started working again, but I have a suspicion that a power surge might have damaged the PCB at that point, or at least shortened its life.

Should I just try replacing the PCB and see how it goes? Other thoughts?
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