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FIXED AWN432SP113TW04 Speed Queen Washer Won't Fill and Won't Stop Running


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Apr 9, 2020
Model Number
Speed Queen
6-10 years
Model AWN432SP113TW04 just keeps on running with no water. Pull knob and it goes from one cycle to next cycle to next cycle...round and round. AND, no water runs in the tub.

I'm thinking timer. What do you think or what diagnosis path do you suggest. Plenty of water going to the washer.
What's running? The timer? The agitator? The spin?

The timer should not advance until it fills with water.

Make a video of this happening, I need to see it.

Jake, I have it apart awaiting some direction. I really don't want to have to reinstall the timer I removed.

When I turn knob to "Permanent Press normal" and pull the know out the machine starts to hum.
No water comes in. The timer continues to mover clockwise as it normally does. Agitates, spins, pauses, extra rinse, etc. It runs just like it would
with water in the tub. However, it doesn't stop once it gets finished with the "Permanent Press" cycle. It keeps moving to the next cycle in a clockwise
fashion. It never stops anywhere. It never has any water in the tub. It agitates, spins, etc. Just no water coming in and the timer never stops. Round and round the timer goes.

The timer absolutely advances without any water going in the tub.
What is humming on the machine? pinpoint the humming for me at least.

This seems quite impossible to me, and without a video we are dead in the water my friend.

Well, it is possible. I'm picking up a timer tomorrow and after I install it I'm hoping it will be fixed. If not, the video will be an hour or so long
as the timer slowly goes from cycle to cycle with no water coming in or going out. I don't feel like putting it together.

Speed Queen said for sure the timer is bad. Maybe more is wrong. The supply house I am buying the timer said I bad timer can cause so
many weird problems that don't seem related.

Jake, I don't understand what the video will tell you. I pull the knob. Knob slowly moves clockwise. No water runs in tank. Tub agitates. Tub
spins. Cycle ends. Slowly the knob continues to turn clockwise the the next cycle, etc. No water ever runs in on any cycle but the machine
runs through the cycles like there is water in the tub. And the machine never stops going from cycle to cycles. The knob doesn't snap back in
after a cycle. It stays pulled out.


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Here's the current state of repair.


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Ok, did you blow through the water level pressure switch hose that goes down to the tub?

The water level pressure switch controls the water fill and could be stuck closed, meaning it will agitate WITHOUT water.

Also remove the water level pressure switch hose from the NIPPLE of the pressure switch and blow into that NIPPLE and listen for a click sound.

Here's the water level pressure switch for your model:

Jake, thank you for your help. I've been sick this week and here is my update. I replaced the timer with a new Alliance timer. That had no effect
on anything. Just out of pocket $82. I started the new timer on Permanent Press and it went through that cycle and and kept on going around without
any water added but it won't stop at the end of a cycle. I'm gonna try and blow through the pressure switch and let you know what happens.
I checked the Washing Machine Valve 202395P with an ohm meter. I had it set on 2K and I got 1.335 and 1.352.
Start the washer on a new cycle on COLD ONLY, then when it should be filling check for 120 volts at the COLD SIDE water inlet valve electrical connector, meaning remove the electrical connector to the COLD SIDE water inlet valve and put your meter probes in that electrical connector and see if you get 120 volts.

WOW! I got water now. I think when I blew in the pressure switch it didn't click at first. Maybe it was stuck. I'm going through a cycle now.
Now, if it will just stop and the end of this cycle. Since it is filling, I don't guess I need to do what you just posted?
It is working like a charm. I put the old timer back on. Would you replace that pressure switch or just right it up as being
stuck as freak issue and move on?

Yes I would order and replace that water level pressure switch, because if it stuck once It will stick again.

Thank you Jake! It is amazing that switch affected the timer.


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