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AWN542SP111TW01 Speed Queen Top Loader Motor Humming, tub not turning


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Jun 15, 2023
Model Number
Speed Queen
More than 10 years
I have a Speed Queen washer that started making a humming noise each time the motor starts to turn. I have been able to get by temporarily by reaching under the washer and moving the belt to get the tub starting to turn and then starting the washer. Sometimes it takes up to about 10 times doing this to get it going and feels like it is getting worse. I submitted a claim through American Home Shield and a tech came out and said it was the transmission and he recommended a total replacement. Due to the lack of features on a Speed Queen washer American Home Shield considers it a basic washer and only wants to get me a base model like you would get at a local home improvement store for about $500-$600. If you are familiar with Speed Queen you know they run around $1200 and up.

I did some more diagnostics on the washer because I don't see how it can be the transmission if I can turn the belt by hand and get it started. I pulled the capacitor off and put it on a meter on ohm setting and it did just as it should. Needle spiked and then slowly dropped off. Tech also said he checked it and it was within range. Last night I pulled the belt off from the motor to the transmission and the motor wouldn't start even with no belt. It just sat there and hummed. If you leave it too long like that the motor will trip overloads I guess and will have to wait to cool before it will start again. I haven't pulled the pump yet because it seems to be pumping water out just fine, but I was going to do that tonight.

Is there anything else I can check? I feel like I am dealing with a bad motor or something electrical related to the motor, maybe a connection or wire or something.
I haven't pulled the pump yet because it seems to be pumping water out just fine, but I was going to do that tonight.
The drain pump is attached to the motor, if something is in the drain pump like a foreign object then the motor can't run either.

Another member found this problem too:
It pumps out fine once it starts going. If something was stuck in the pump I wouldn't think it would ever start and run just fine.
Ok, I see what your saying now.

Yes, then it sounds like a bad motor, but I don't have the service manual for this model to confirm that.

Kit, Motor, 120V/60-2SP, Ca 38034P

The motor is very expensive and I'd hate to see you buy it and that not fix it just on a guess.
I disconnected everything. Pump turns fine. Motor starts and runs smooth but is making a noise. See attached video. Sure feels like a motor issue.

Update: I just tried starting it again and motor just hummed with nothing hooked up to it.
Your video didn't come through, but yes sounds like a faulty motor.
Changed motor and capacitor and good as new. Found brand new motor and capacitor online for $130.

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