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AWN632SP116TW01 Speed queen washer under water


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Aug 26, 2021
Model Number
Speed Queen
1-5 years
speed queen AWN632SP116TW01 was under about 1 ft of water when our basement flooded. Out of warranty. Was under for about 4-5 hours. Doesn't light up anything or start. Taking it apart i found the lower control output board is bad. I work in electronics all day so familiar with components. There is a large diode that is blown in 2 pieces and maybe a few other components i would say look iffy. Motor appears ok, no rust and turns freely, i had a fan blowing on it for a few hours once we got the water cleared out of the basement. I ordered a used board that is guaranteed and wondering if there is anything i should check before swapping boards and powering it up.

Added complete model number
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AWN632 is just a partial model number, we need the complete model number.

Read it from the tag on the machine.

Click here: Appliance Parts

Then you will see a link that says: How to find a model number.

board is the 202508
Just wondering if i should use a variac and check for wattage draw or any other troubleshooting ideas. Should i just swap it in and power up?

As appliance techs. we don't do board level repairs, because there is no board level schematics that come with the washer, so its best to just replace the board.

Correct, unplug the washer first, then replace the board, then plug the washer back in a see how it goes.

202508P Output Board Control Assembly Through Serial No. 1912999999
204783 Output Board Control Assembly Starting Serial No. 2001000001

Well i do board level repairs most every day. I found out D18 is a transient spike suppressor and it should work without it. IC9 is a TOP256GN appears to be a flyback switcher for the switch mode power supply. Replacement board is here so going to try and swap it now, hopefully it will work.
Ok, sounds good. Keep us posted.


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