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B220CS80SNS-01 Bosch side by side Refrigerator freezing food


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Jan 29, 2019
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6-10 years
Hey guys,

I'm working on a bosch side by side refrigerator for a customer which initially had issues with very little cooling in the fridge compartment. There was an insane amount of ice infront of the fridge evap cover which i steamed away, and removed the evap cover. Once there, the evap was pretty much full of frost. I was able to melt away most of ice to test the defrost components and found everything in spec according to the service manual.

I also did the self test function and confirmed the defrost system was functioning. I melted away more ice and determined the problem stemmed from a clogged drain, causing ice buildup. Removed all the ice, cleaned out the drain tubes for both the fridge and freezer sections and was all done.

The customer called back 3 weeks later to express that now the fridge section has frozen all of their food and that the lower drawer (which has its own temp setting) is over freezing badly.

What could be the problem? I can test the temp sensors obviously to determine if they are in spec. Is there any common issues with these units for this type of problem?

This is my first bosch i have worked on, so any help is appreciated.

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