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B22CS30SNS/02 Bosch Refrigerator - Water and Ice Maker not working, Busted Supply Hose???


Mar 8, 2021
Model Number
6-10 years
Recently my Bosch fridge's water dispense and ice maker stopped working and I think the issue might be the plastic hose that connects the copper supply tube and water inlet valve. I'm not sure what this hose does and it doesn't seem to be easily replaceable as it's complete covered by the back panel of the fridge.

What I've discovered so far:
  1. No water from the dispense or ice from the ice maker
  2. The water reservoir doesn't look frozen but it's hard to tell since it's frosted plastic
  3. When I press the water dispense button, I hear clicking from the water inlet valve in the back. If the ice maker is on, I also hear repeated clicking every now and then.
  4. I took out the water inlet valve and measured the resistance of both sides which are ~385 each (see below pics)
    1. water-inlet-2.pngwater-inlet-1.png
  5. I confirmed that water comes out of the copper supply pipe that feeds the refrigerator (circled in green in the below pic, confirmed w/o plastic hose attached)
    1. back-pipes.png
  6. If I connect the plastic hose to the copper pipe, no water comes out of the end that feeds into the water inlet valve (circled in blue in the above pic)

Note: I do have an in line under sink filter but it's never been an issue before and I removed it when testing the conditions above.

What is this plastic hose for? Do I have to remove the entire back panel to replace it or can I just buy any plastic tubing to connect the copper supply tube to the water inlet valve?