BAD & Confused Customer Service At GE


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Jun 15, 2007
Pacific Palisades,California
We had a defective freezer door and called GE customer service.They said a new door would be sent to us.Well,
they sent us the WRONG door 10 times ! It was'nt like my mom spoke in Martian when she called them.
Anyway,we haven't had a working freezer since May 17th,2007 and are still waiting for it to come.Meanwhile we have boxes of refridgerator's they've sent in our living room !
The first door they sent us was left in front of our condo building and the delivery person did'nt even let us know it was there because GE instructed them just to leave it in front of our building..which we had NOT instructed GE to do ! THAT door was disappeared from where they left it off ! We live on a very busy street and there is no parking in front- but guest parking is in theB BACK of our building.

Has anyone else here had problem's with GE customer service also with their incompetance????!!!!! Let me know. They are stupid and are easilly confused.Even their supervisor's are !
One of the customer service people topld us she'd have a new door sent to us by Fed Ex overnight for a Saturday delivery.Well,it never came.So,on Monday mom called GE and they said..the fed Ex was never we NEVER send anything by Fed Ex over night ! The order was not even done !

We've had to buy dry ice every 3 days to keep the freezer's like we're living in the stone age !!!!!:mad:

By the way,we own a side by side GE refridgerator freezer.


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Nov 19, 2008
Maybe somebody nabbed the box thinking they was scoring a flatscreen or something lol, Who knows.

Not much common decency anymore.