Behind on recent changes, Service tech Owner of business need some answers or good places to learn.

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Sep 22, 2015
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I own my own service business but had went back to a corporate job when my wife got cancer. She passed away and I just recently left the job because of B.S. I was still doing some repairs but was not advertising. I would stay up at night and study what I could and learn about all the new changes going on. Well in a nut shell I'm behind.

I'm getting calls on LG and Samsung's and the site I use to get service manuals from is not responding. So first question is where is a good place to get them and service bulletins.
I have a bunch of Kenmore's in my area and have had problems finding those manuals to cross over with the actual Manufacture similar unit.

I need to learn about the R600 and what precautions to take. Just put a new refrigerator in a rental and saw the sticker. Anyone got a good link to good videos?

I'm seeing that this new stuff has a plug in to diagnose the machine or set parameters.. Do you have to be a GE tech to get that brands software or program module.

I'm getting a good call volume and I went up on my call price, use the Blue Book from 2015 as a guide for prices and still get tips for service excellence.

Still hearing from cusotmers that a factory rep company guy came out, replaced Icemaker ,charged 620.00 and Icemaker still doesn't work.

Any answers, tips or places to go find good videos or training will be appreciated. I know Ill have to pay for some. I have always had a fear of Success with this business,
if I advertise my call volume will go way up and not have Techs to cover them. Training new techs or finding a good one that will do like I have and stay up till 3 am watching videos or reading the manual may be a rare breed. I'm having trouble getting manuals myself.

When I began many moons ago I started with Bosch warranty, no one would touch them. Most homes I went to had a SubZero,Dacor or Thermador so I contacted them to do warranty. They did the training and supplied manuals as well as calls in & out of warranty. To this day I've never advertised. Sub Zero became so busy I dropped the others. Warranty isn't for everyone but it worked for me. Another source of training I've seen comes from one of my distributors(Reliable) they send me e-mails for on line training sessions.
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