Best ice making with dispenser refrigerator for under $1600 usd? Samsung slow ice making


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Mar 16, 2016
Our old fridge of nearly 30 years with a built (inside) ice maker finally died. It always made a ton of ice in one day. It was roughly 21cu ft of total space, so we wanted something a bit bigger because space was limited for a family of 5.

We decided to get this fridge from Lowes: Samsung 27.4

It has fantastic space, but in realizing things now, with samsung issues and the ice maker issue, i think maybe a bad idea.

The ice maker barely made any ice on the first day, maybe 20 cubes i swear.

Overnight however, the bin does look half full. But considering how small the bin is, thats not much ice. We go through probably a "bin full" of ice per day i'd say, especially in the summer.

I think spec wise, its supposed to make 8 cubes (tiny) every 90 min, maybe 120 cubes per day max.

Is there any other brand/model that produces ice quicker or has a larger bin?

I was considering this 25.3 cu ft GE assuming it did better
But its price is technically a bit higher.

Or this insignia from Best buy at 26+ cu ft, but lacks features like rollers/adjustable shelving etc:

To top it off the fridge we just bought has a dent below the dispenser, so far management said they give us 200 back (frankly i'd rather it be 200 and the door replaced best case, if we even keep it, they also crimped my copper line going to the fridge but i replaced it with a new line). Also the freezer side seems to have frost on the underside of each shelf.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Thanks in advance
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