Beware of Microwave Display Repair in La Fayette, GA.


Feb 4, 2011
I have had a very bad experience with Microwave Display Repair in La Fayette, GA. I sent my microwave display for repair to William E. Miller with a money order for $100, I emailed him to see if he had received it and he replied that he had. I waited 2 1/2 months and sent him an email for an update, he never replied. I have since then phoned once and left a message and emailed 2 more times and no reply. It is over 4 months since he received the part for repair.
I then did a check and went to the BBB and his rating is "F", the worst you can have. I expect I have been done for a $100 and my part. I would strongly urge everyone to stay away from this company. He also sells repaired displays so I believe that is where my part ended up.
Not a very good company
googled him and looks like you are not alone. What goes around comes around. He will cash one too many money orders and someone will come pay him a visit and spoil his gravy train. He will wish it was the BBB.
Saw your post too late! Sent my microwave control panel to William E. Miller with a check for $39.95 a few months ago. No response to emails and voice mailbox is full. He has posted here before saying he's "very busy". Not too busy to cash my check as soon as he got it! Now I'll have to replace the whole microwave for $300.
Thanks alot slick Willie!
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