Bio Sludge Making Disposal Unbearable


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Jan 2, 2007
Model Number
Badger 100-1
-major brand-
1-5 years
This was under my mother in law's sink. You could see the sludge on top of the impeller which was bad enough. Then I removed the drain pipe and a half inch of the black sludge it was caked under neath the impeller. Her complaint is that it always smells. She said she pours ammonia in it but I can't see how that will help much. It's just gonna drain out. What good is a disposal that grows funk?

I removed the disposal and have it sitting on a shop bench full of bleach. She doesn't want it put back in if this is normal for disposals and I can't say that I blame her.

Couple Q's

1. Is there a way to keep this garbage from growing?
2. Is the Badger 100-1 a cheapo and this is what you get?
The badger one is a builders model. Replace it with a badger five. Insinkerator is a good brand.
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Thanks for the response but does that mean the Badger 5 won't build up sludge and smell like sewer?

Might also help....a copy:

For common every day food odors from a disposal, make your disposal smell better & to clean the blades, put in some ice cubes with either bleach, or lemon, lime or orange peels. Then grind for 30 seconds. Smells great!

For really bad problems, try Affresh Dishwasher and Disposer Cleaner. Scrubs away food, grease and odors. Safe for septic tanks and drain pipes.

Another one to try...

Deodorizer-WX10X10018-01237798.jpg Disposer Care, 4 pack

They all will build up sludge if you don't clean it once in awhile. How long has that one been installed. After using the disposal let the water run for a few more seconds
OK thanks guys. It's been in there 3-4 years and I'm sure has never been properly cleaned on the underside. Mother in law tried cleaning it from the top with a brush but that did zip for the under side. And I was of no help since I've never owned one. Makes sense though as I have to clean out the dishwasher and washing machine every now and then.

I don't and never have had a disposal so even I knew nothing of cleaning one. I just couldn't figure out how to clean one since pouring anything in there just drains. I'll let her know and see if she wants it back.
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