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Bosch 36IT Flies In Fridge


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Oct 19, 2018
Model Number
1-5 years
I posted about 6 months ago about an issue with lots of dead flies in my fridge. THis happened after the circuit blew and the fridge was without power for weeks in FLorida. Lots of stuff melted - we cleaned as best we could, multiple times, but as it is built-in, we could not reach everywhere.
Problem not solved.
Bosch has sent their service people out about 6 times. We also have a problem that the icemaker does not stop making ice.
First visit, the Bosch guy said we have to empty the ice tray when it fills up. Insisted that it said this in the manual. It doesn't.
Next visit, he documented to Bosch that everything was working correctly - it was making ice - but he didn't address that it would not stop making ice.

Both times I asked how to get rid of the smell and the flies that are living somewhere in the fridge.
He punted it back to the dealer. Said he'd report it to them. Or so he said. Dealer has no record of any contact from Bosch.

Bosch sent a different serviceman out, and he pointed out that - 1 - there was a piece missing from the icemaker that would sense when it was full, and 2 - there were some panels missing that should have been installed. BUT he did say he could not do anything about the bugs, as that requires the unit to be uninstalled (it is a built-in, into custom cabinetry). He was going to contact the dealer to get the installers out, and to come back with the part for icemaker. He came back, but Bosch provided him with the wrong part, so he left. Again he said he was going to contact the dealer. He did - but the record from Bosch states, yet again, all is working well.

SO now we still are getting bugs, and Bosch is no longer trying to fix the ice maker (as it now has been more than a year since it was installed), and the dealer is also saying it is more than a year, AND Bosch is telling them that all is correct.

I should add - the Dealer put a lien on my new house, because our builder, through whom the appliances were ordered, did not pay them. We are still arguing with the builder that he needs to fix all this, but all he does is say he will contact the dealer, but then doesn't. OR - the dealer doesn't want to deal with this, since the builder stiffed them. We're caught in a crazy circle - just want a refrigerator that doesn't have bugs and makes ice correctly.

(Photo shows a fly larva in ice cube)