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Bosch B36IT 2 door Freezer not cold enough


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Oct 5, 2018
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1-5 years

We have a “two door built-in BOSCH [B36IT] fridge with bottom freezer drawer… “.
I posted a question about water leaking inside the fridge compartment near end of 2018. With Jake’s help, I managed to unclog the drain line, and since then it has been working fine (y)… until…

A few days ago, we noticed that the freezer was unable to reach the set temperature (not cold enough). The fridge compartment seems to be operating normally.

I have tried to do some diagnostic steps.

1. Test power reset: breaker off, 5 second holding of 2 buttons (alarm & setup) => self-test, no warning sound, no error messages.

2. Test factory reset: 3 second holding of 2 buttons (alarm & setup) => no abnormality.

For the freezer temperature settings, I have 2 observations:
3. Normal-freezer: set at 0’F (zero Fahrenheit), operation could only lower to 20’F.
4. Super-freezer: set at –9’F (minus nine Fahrenheit), operation could only lower to 17’F.

I speculate that there is some sensor(s) not working properly.

Online searching of information seems to suggest that:
5. There could be a sensor (thermostat or thermistor) that is not working.

6. If my speculation (sensor) is on the right track, what and where to look for the failed component? (I’m hoping that the sensor is inside the freezer.)

7. What else should I look or test for the next step?

Comments are welcome.
Appreciate your suggestions and advice in advance. :)