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Bosch D/W won't start


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Jul 10, 2005
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I just installed a used one of these in my house. it was used for about 6 months, and the owners (family) bought a new one to match their new stainless kitchen.

anyway, when you start it, it runs the water and has a little in the bottom, then stops. then you hear a humming sound about ever 20 seconds that lasts for about 20 seconds. I've opened it to find some water in the bottom that's been heated plenty hot, and the sides of the machine bone dry....

so is there a different motor to run the wash cycle not running? (the hummingI'm hearing?)

if you cancel the cycle, it pumps itself clear no problem.

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i found the problem.

took the panels off, the main motor was getting 120 volts and not spinning.

turned it off, moved the motor by hand and it started right up.

was a pain, but it's running now. not sure if something was stuck in it or if the motor has a dead spot in it.. time will tell if it does it again.
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**not sure if something was stuck in it or if the motor has a dead spot in it**

Had the d/w sat unused for a while? Sometimes sitting the water inside will dry up and leave some chemicals that sticks the seals together and the motor is stuck....a little push start can often break it free.

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yeah, it sat in my garage for about 6 months before i put it in this weekend..

make sense I guess... wasn't hard to turn at all, so I was kinda suprised the motor gets stuck that easily..
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**I was kinda suprised the motor gets stuck that easily**

Yupper....no more unff in these energy saving motors :?

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that sucks. i can imagine as a tech you get more calls now with these weak motors everywhere..

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