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Bosch Dishwasher SHE3AR75UC/08 - No water from top spout & Time difference


Jan 1, 2021
Levittown, PA
Model Number
6-10 years
Hello. My in-laws have the Bosch SHE3AR75UC/08 and it started having issues yesterday. They only ever use it on the auto wash cycle and suddenly, it stopped cleaning the dishes properly. They said the dishes below were pretty good, but the top rack was dirty. Also, the 1:59 cycle time only ran around 20-30 minutes before stopping (they think).

I took the racks out, checked the filter (they clean it often) and checked the water exits on the spinner (which were all clear). The main pipe that the water would run through to get to the spinners was also clear. There is no spinner on the ceiling of the washer, although the piece looks like there could be an attachment (there never has been one).

I looked online and in the manual for extra help, but nothing. I called and the rep was asking if water sprays in the machine the entire time of the wash. I said that my in-laws didn't sit and listen, but they did hear it start. The rep wasn't very cordial to troubleshooting other ideas and just gave me 3 local repair companies to call.

I ran a load, marking the top of a coffee cup with some pancake syrup and some plates and items throughout the washer, and ran the auto wash cycle. The 1:59 time actually only ran 1:42 on the stopwatch. I stepped away, so I didn't notice if it had 17 minutes left and just stopped or if the minutes just went faster and it made it to 0. Upon opening, the bottom dishes and utensils were all clean. The top rack is another story. The coffee cup dishes were clean (even the one covered in syrup), but the mugs were not clean on the inside and the cup I put syrup on top of was still full of syrup. So, I was thinking that the water wasn't filtering into the top wrap spinner or the ceiling "rain spout." (The manual doesn't list this piece, so I'm not sure what the technical term for it is. I can provide a photo if needed).

We did another load on the :30 express wash, to see if it was maybe an issue with auto wash, especially after the short time. The time actually went to 34 minutes on my stop watch. The water definitely worked in the top rack spinner, because when I twirled it, all the remaining soapy water shot out. The 4 coffee cups up top still had the syrup on top of them. The cups had the dry coffee residue still in them, but there was some moisture in the cup, which may have been from the steam as opposed to water shooting in it.

So, before my in-laws spend a bunch of $$ for someone to come out, would anyone have any suggestions about what is apparently a faulty ceiling "rain spout?" The unit is 8 years old and out of warranty. Thanks for any advice and assistance you can offer.