Bosch Dishwasher SHEM63W55N/13 - New, slightly damaged upper rack available

Margie W

Apr 23, 2022
Richmond, CA
Hello—I posted the following text (in quotes) on Craig’s List but have received no takers. Apologies in advance if this is not an appropriate post for this forum. If anyone has an idea of a more suitable forum for posting this item, I would be happy to know about it!

“Free: One upper rack for a Bosch dishwasher, part number 00779033 (crockery basket) with a small amount of damage to the coating. Comes with 2 different colors of a liquid repair kit, unopened. Also free: 2 cup racks, part number 00745108.

We purchased a Bosch dishwasher new in November of 2019, model number SHEM63W55N/13. A few days after purchase, while trying to remove the attachment for the cup rack, we gouged (tore) the rubberized finish over the metal wire on the upper rack. When we called Bosch, it was unclear what they would do for us and we were told they would get back to us. We didn’t hear from them for a couple days, so we purchased liquid repair kits for the dishwasher rack in two different colors. A day or two later, a brand new rack arrived from Bosch! (Then we received the liquid repair kits we had ordered.)

We did not use this rack in the dishwasher after damaging the finish, so no water got underneath the coating.

This rack appears to be the correct part for several different Bosch dishwasher models. On the Bosch website, it’s easy to determine whether this part would work on your dishwasher. (It costs $96 but is currently out of stock.)”

We would love to be able to find someone who can make use of this upper rack so we don’t have to send it to the landfill. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area so the ad for CL was designed for someone to pick it up. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to ship (USPS: $57 to $138 depending on distance or UPS: $117) so it’s really only viable for someone to pick it up. The box is large (27 in. x 27 in. x 11 in.) but fairly light (11 pounds.)

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