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FIXED Bosch Dishwasher SHPM65W55N - soapy dishes.

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Nov 15, 2021
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Less than 1 year
Works well, dishes look clean and dry, but if in a clean dish touch by wet fingers it feels a little bit soapy if lick it, it has a bitter taste, or aftertaste, which hard to eliminate from the mouth.
This is not dependent on the washing cycle. A few rinse cycles after a washing slightly improve the situation, but cannot eliminate that soap and bitter taste, even an additional full washing cycle without detergent will not work.
Only washing with a dish's detergent under warm water by hands can help.
After any washing cycles, if cancel drying, the drops of the water on dishes looks turbid, and become better after each of following rinse cycle
Also after an additional rinse cycle on the bottom of the dishwasher is appears foam.

The water here is soft and actually, 1 teaspoon of detergent is enough to get dishes clean.
I have tried different detergents and their amount, with rinse aid and without - the same result.

1 turbid water.
2 turbid water, and water after additional rinse cycle,
3 foam.


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I wish I knew the problem but I don't. Its a very uncommon problem that I've never seen before.

Hopefully another tech can shed some light on this for you.

Other than that, its best to have a Bosch tech come out and see why this is happening.

Thank you for the response.
Technicians were here, unfortunately, they have no idea as well, because technically all looks as it must be.

I assume the problem is not with the device itself but related to chemistry - water quality, pipes, detergent, water heater.
The device does washing very well, drying perfectly. There is enough water inside during washing. It does drain almost all water, leaving about 1 cm on the bottom (under the bottom of the filter).
For now, I have two questions:
- Why does the water become turbid and why it has a bitter taste?
- How to permanently eliminate the bitter taste from the dishes?

Those are good questions, but I don't have the answers.

Finally, a solution was found. So, now, because of soft water I use about half of the minimum of detergent (approx half of 1 tablespoon). All works excellent even without any rinse aid.

Thank you.
Excellent, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!


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