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Bosch KFN91PJ Fridge - Icemaker Flap stays on after dispensing ice

Sep 25, 2021
Brisbane, Australia
Model Number
6-10 years
Hi Folks

I've got a Bosch KFN91PJ Fridge Freezer that has the above problem.

I appreciate that you haven't covered this brand previously but most of the workings in this area are very similar.

I have read the your past posts regarding this problem but it leaves me with a question regarding my problem which is:-

The Flap stay open after dispensing the Ice and you can flick it closed. I have tried operating the flap manually without power and the spring is easily strong enough to close the Flap.

Here's the Question :- What causes the Flap to Close is it just the Solenoid has its power taken away and normally should allow the Flap to return to its normal position or does the Solenoid get a pulse from the Controller telling it to Close.

I ask as I'm trying to determine if the fault lies with Solenoid or the Controller as it seems the Flap is working fine on its own.

Many thanks for any help.


Appliance Tech - Moderator
Staff member
Jul 11, 2006
Murray, Utah 84107, United States
Probably the solenoid. I've seen the solenoid "swell" over time and keep the plunger in. When the solenoid is energized it pulls a plunger in and that opens the ice door. When it's not energized a spring should close the door and pull the plunger out. It sounds like something is sticking. Check what connects the solenoid to the ice door.