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BOSCH NGMP055UC Cooktop- Not sparking


May 6, 2018
Model Number
1-5 years
I have a gas cooktop that does not spark.

The cooktop is currently unhooked from the gas line. The LED lights come on when plugged into the 110v.
So far I have replaced the wiring harness and the ignition box. I'm afraid that the wiring is incorrect and I am unable to get the unit to spark.

Is there a wiring diagram anywhere? I've tried to search multiple avenues for a photo, video or screen shot of one of these units with the top off- no such luck.

From left to right the wiring harness starts with blue, orange, purple, red and lastly yellow. Each valve has and "in and out" the colored wires are all going into the ports numbered "13" on the valves and the black connections are all going into the "11" ports. There is one valve in the middle that's different, due to the dual burner in the middle and this valve isn't labeled the same, nor is the same size, nor orientation as the smaller valves. I have the purple wire clipped to the left terminal thats in the middle of the valve switch and the black lead on the harness is clipped to the terminal on the end of the valve. The colored wire harness is all taped together and flows into a preset order on a plastic plug, this plug has been plugged into the blue ignitor box.

Out of the back end of the ignitor I have the wires in the following order- (left to right) blue upper level, orange lower level, purple upper level, red lower level and yellow upper level.

I currently have the top stainless cover off as well as the burner covers. I tested the unit by putting one burner cover on and trying to spark it. I did not set all five in place. There was no clicking, spark or anything of notice.

On the main power cord I have the wires as black in the top terminal, white in the middle and the green ground as the lowest. I'm all out of ideas without any wiring diagrams! What am I missing?

Thank you!
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Aug 24, 2004
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I'm all out of ideas without any wiring diagrams!
That sums it up, without a wiring diagram we are all dead in the water.

I did locate a wiring diagram for a slightly different model, but it looks close enough to your model that it may be the same.

Here it is: Parts for Bosch NGM5064UC/01: Wiring Diagram Parts

Let us know if that one works for your model.