Bosch or ASKO Compact Washer/Dryer - want opinions


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Feb 8, 2014
United States
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I need your advice. We are going to be purchasing a new washer and dryer after our basement renovation is done. There are only two of us, and the laundry space is limited. So, we're looking at compact washer dryers. I was considering the Bosch 500 series - like the features and I have had good experiences with my Bosch dishwasher. But the salesperson at the appliance store suggested we look at ASKO. The have a different seal for the washer door that in the salesperson's opinion is less likely to result in the mold issues experienced by other front loaders. And, the dryer has several options. The Bosch dryer only has condenser non-vented option. The ASKO has three options: vented, condenser non-vented, and heat pump non-vented. But I can't find any information about ASKO washer/dryers from other sources except that their manufactured in Goranje, Slovenia, and that Consumer Reports rates them noisier than Bosch. Consumer reports ratings do not really address reliability, and there weren't many reviews at that site from purchasers.

Has anyone here had any experience with either of these and an opinion to offer? Much appreciation for any insights. Laura