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FIXED Bosch Refrigerator B22CT80SNS/01 freezing food, suspect damper, need a service manual


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Jun 9, 2022
Boston MA
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6-10 years

I have Bosch B22CT80SNS/01 refrigerator that started freezing food in the main compartment. I suspect that the damper is stuck open, as I can feel the cold air is coming from the vents located at the top back wall of the main compartment whenever the compressor is on even when the temp is below the set temp. I have ordered the new damper; however, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to take the old damper out. There are no screws visible, and the front panel of the damper assembly does not seems to pop off from any side. I watched countless videos but none of them deal with similar design. If anybody have a service manual or an advice on how to take the damper assembly off, I would really appreciate it. I have attached the pictures of the assembly.

Thank you!


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Here's the damper for your model:

I found a copy of how to do it:
Take off grill in the top rear of refrigerator using plastic pry tool. Be gentle. Unscrew two Philips head screws to remove insulation component. Gently pry damper control out. Held by plastic clips. I used fingers for this. Disconnect wiring harness. Reverse these steps with new unit to reinstall.

Thank you Jake! I was able to fix the issue without the repair. Maybe it can help somebody with a similar situation. Apparently, there was an empty plastic bag in the freezer that was blocking air vents supplying the cold air into the main compartment. After I removed the plastic bag, the temperature in the main compartment would still dip below the set temperature from time to time. I then flipped the circuit breaker switch supplying the power to the fridge, and it fixed the issue for good. Looks like the fridge had to be rebooted. Sounds crazy, but I assume there is a program that drives the supply of cold air from the freezer into the main compartment, and that program had to be rebooted.I watched the fridge for a couple of weeks after that, and it has been rock stable. I am returning the part.
Excellent, good find.(y)

Glad that was all it was, thanks for coming back to update us, you are correct that will help others too.:)


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