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Bosch SHE3AR56UC-08 stuck on clean auto wash cycle


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Jul 8, 2015
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Our transformer was recently hit by lightening and the only problem that resulted was the dishwasher getting stuck in clean and auto cycle. LED lights are steady and you can power on and off but that's it. Bosch rep referred me to A&E repairs but they can't come until Aug 3. I checked as much as possible and I think it's the control panel. I don't want to pay $70 service call and parts and labor if it's something I might be able to fix. Any help would be appreciated.

I think it's the control panel

Control-Board-00705306-01841430.jpg Control board

#101 50041040-00001.jpg

Control-Module-00705047-01577551.jpg Control Module

#510 50041040-00005.jpg

Might help, see attached...



  • Bosch-Dishwasher-SHE3AR52UC_07-Ascenta-Service-Manual.pdf
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  • Ascenta-dw2.pdf
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  • Bosch-Ascenta-Dishwasher-Service-Training-2011-01-17.pdf
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Thanks Jeff! your help was invaluable. My husband wanted tech anyway and it cost him the $70 for tech to make the service call!! I ordered the part today and will update once I have it installed.
Hey! Did you ever figure out what repair had to be made? The same thing happened to me, lightening struck the transformer and now the dishwasher is stuck in clean mode. I tried replacing the control panel, but it didn't fix it. Hoping I dont have to buy a new dishwasher. thanks!

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