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Bosch SHP65TL2UC/02 (500 series) E:18

Lost in NJ

Aug 15, 2019
Model Number
1-5 years
The dishwasher runs for a couple of minutes. Does it circulate/ fill / circulate, then during a fill it just starts beeping.

I am used to doing repair work down to board level on stuff (electrical engineer is my job) when I have enough details. I played around and found holding the speed perfect and extra shine buttons and turning on puts it in error mode. I get E18. I checked all the hoses and cleared the reachable places of all debris. I do not have a flow in or out problem. Previously, like a year ago, I had a computer go bad and was replaced just outside of warranty(2 weeks and Bosch honored parts and labor). The repair guy swore that most of the problems are solved with a new inlet valve. He left me a new one so I also swapped in a new valve.

I also cleaned some crap out of the plastic trap that serves as the outlet thing and the side fill device. The drain side has some kind of a over flow valve thing that had some crud in it which I also cleared.

So I am looking for some advice on where to turn to next.

What bugs me is how does it know water level? Are there any sensors in the pump housing?

This washer is only 3 years old and has given me grief twice. The kitchenAid I had was like 20+ and only had two issues in its life and both were just bad solder joints. The baskets got rusty and wheels were falling apart so I decided to move on to a new one.

Thanks for any help.