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BOSCH SHPM65Z55N/20 (stainless) questions


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Sep 26, 2021
Central FL
Model Number
1-5 years
Few questions:

#1) from the FIRST day we got our machine (about 14 months ago from Lowes) and even before I installed it, it had a very strong (can't describe it, maybe metallic or machine parts) smell. Was told "it would go away". 14 months later it is still there. Any idea what this might be from. DEF NOT plumbing related as it was there since new in box and is definitely not an organic substance smell. Almost like the smell of a machine shop when you walk in. We have used dishwasher cleaner tablets with no luck. It's really strong and pretty bad when it is opened.

#2) What does the /20 refer to at the end of the model number? None of the parts sites specifically list a "/20" but usually "/01". Are those parts interchangeable (specifically the front panel - see next question).

#3) And FINALLY! :) We have noticed some light rusting running down the center of the front panel about 2" wide top to bottom. My wife is OBSESSIVE beyond imaginable in following cleaning instructions. Uses only what is recommended. No paper towels, no detergent etc etc etc Never used anything harsh or anything that was no "approved" in the manuals or online info. Is this normal or possibly a factory defective panel. That part of the warranty expired and, if it gets really bad, I could replace the panel.

Thank You!


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