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Bosch SHU42L06UC takes 3-4 drain attempts to fully drain


Jan 28, 2023
Anchorage, AK
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More than 10 years
Hi guys - first time poster, long time whatever.... - I have a Bosch SHU42L06UC/18 that isn't fully draining - I have pulled and scrubbed filter, intake, the water pump spinner - and everything looks clean and good
What's weird is when I hit the cancel/drain button it will pump out SOME water - but after 3 cycles it stops and I have to do it about 3 times to get all the water out

I don't have a dishwasher air gap - it runs up to the top of the sink and back down - I suppose my next step is to check those two chunks of hose for clogs - (I think the dishwasher to sink is only an inch and the sink to trash compactor is 1.5 inches so if there is a plug it's probably from the dishwasher to the sink - maybe if so and I pull out the rubber blocker a good blast on the hose will clean it out but it really doesn't feel like anything in that that is clogging would still be partially clogging thru 3 cycles

Which has me thinking it might be the water/drain pump which would suck because then I have to pull the DW out and get to the bottom to fix - (sigh) - I have done this before with the Water Inlet valve and that was no fun to do :(

any last minute ideas - wife leaving town for 4 days so I can slightly tear the kitchen apart :)
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Hi, yes I'd check your drain hose/hoses first to where it drains under the sink, if those are clear then it's a partial clog in the drain pump, or your drain pump is going bad.

Here's the drain pump for your model, if needed:
00642239 Drain Pump

Here's the video:
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