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Bosch SHU5315UC/U06


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Jul 18, 2005
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Yesterday my Bosch stays in the wash cycle, will not rinse, just wash. The discharge hose is not blocked. I took the diswasher out but could not easily figure out how to get into the mechanics. The bottom is surrounded by a white plasticshield. How do I get inside and any idea why it stays washing?

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Well I bit the bullet and had a repair guy come fix it. It turned out to be the main board. There was a very obvious short/burn.

The symptoms were the appliance continuously washed, never entered a drain cycle. The display counted down normally and at the end displayed "CL" which is the normal display at the end of the cycle but the appliace was still washing.

The repairman said these washers seldonm have mechanical failures and the main board failure is the most common failure.

For what it is worth , I hope my $257 expierience helps someone:D
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Thanks for giving us a update on the repair of your Bosch Dishwasher.:cool:


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