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Bosch SHX6AP02UC/06 Switches to "Clean" shortly after starting


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Jul 5, 2010
ithaca, ny
Model Number
6-10 years
Dishwasher just started doing this over the past week. Start is pressed, then you close the door and it appears to start. But shortly after, if I check, the washer says CLEAN, but it did not start the wash, drop the soap or anything. But the CLEAN light turns on. I am guessing that the clean sensor is not resetting correctly - so when I start it, it detects the sensor as clean and just turn on the light and stops. The CLEAN sensor resets when the door is opened. I was wondering where that sensor is located or it if is can be separately replaced? Or if there is some other suspected issue. Or is this all part of the control board?
I realie this is an old thread, but I have the same problem. I found the following procedure:
1. Load the dishwasher and close the door.
2. Press the Start button
3. Listen for two sounds, one after the other; kind of sounds like attempts to drain. The sounds only last for a couple of seconds each.
4. Hit the On/OFF button (to turn off the dishwasher).
5. Hit the On/Off button again, to turn the dishwasher on)
6. Press the Start button

After all the above nonsense, the dishwasher runs fine and cleans the dishes nicely. I've been doing it for years. I've tried resetting it, turning off the power for a period of time, all kinds of things. But I always come back to the above dumb procedure (which I found online and which works). But I'm tired ot it. Any guesses what the issue could be?

Thanks for the info. I could never figure out a specific sequence of steps to make it work. Gave up on it after a month and got a new dishwasher. if someone would have helped narrowed down the source of the problem, then I would have attempted to repair it. My best guess was it was the main control board which would cost $250 for the part.
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