Bosch SMS63M08AU/12 Error 9


Jul 9, 2019
New Zealand
Model Number
6-10 years
Hi there
I have a Bosch SMS63M08AU/12 that’s approximately 7 years old. Have used it daily with no issues until yesterday. Was presented with an error 15 initially which apparently means that the float switch has operated in the lower compartment of the dishwasher. I tilted the machine back and approximately a cup of water came out. I then tried to run the machine again and it began tripping the RCD protection on the socket outlet that supplies the dishwasher. I stupidly decided then to supply the dishwasher using another socket outlet in the house that I knew did not have RCD protection. The dishwasher completed it’s cycle as per normal. The next time I tried to use the dishwasher it presented me with an “error 9” which apparently means there is an issue with the heating element. It did this for a couple of times but now it’s also saying Error 25 which means the drain pump is also having issues. I opened up the side covers and it looks wet in the lower compartment and also a lot of mice poo. Have I somehow damaged the heating pump supply or perhaps blown a fuse? Is this machine worth repairing? Thanks