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Bosch WAS24460 Error code F-61 flashes, double-beeps, where is metal rod door sensor seated?


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Jun 3, 2018
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1-5 years
I have a Bosch WAS24460-UC stackable front loader washing machine that will not start a cycle. Unit turns on but displays error code F-61 and then double beeps. I just replaced the door seal gasket. Afterward I cleaned out the pump drain (found a penny) from the lower right front of the unit. I double checked my all of reassembly; all done correctly, including seating all of the electrical connectors. The door latch assembly is definitely seated correctly; doubled checked the latch part. I am puzzled and cannot figure out on what is going on to cause this error. Unit worked fine for four years. Any ideas would be appreciated. What does error code F-61 mean for this model? Also , wonder if anyone has a repair manual for this unit?

I think possibly the long metal rod (~ 16 inches) that travels from the inner door lock sensor down to the pump drain is out of place. Would anyone have a picture of what the drain area behind the thin clear plastic cover looks like? Where does the metal rod sit at the bottom? Does it sit above the pump drain area or hang down into it?
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