Bought an electric Stove/Range TEM130BKWY that was stored in a garage and had some gasoline spilled on it. Is it safe to use after cleaning?

Jun 14, 2020
So I needed to purchase a new stove for my apartment and found one on facebook marketplace. The person never used the stove because his project took a different turn. But the garage where the stove was stored was really messy so there was stuff all over the place and crap on top of crap. When I got home I noticed some gasoline spilled onto the top of the range while he was moving stuff out of the way to get the stove out. Not like it poured onto the range but like dribbled a bit here and there.

Its an electric stove that has the coiled burners so I was worried that the gasoline would have run down the coils and into the wiring. So I started cleaning and found some good news and bad news. I took apart the the coils and top panel and the good news is that the wiring to the coils seems to be unaffected. It was pretty easy to unplug them and the plugs seemed fine.

The bad news is that some gasoline spilled in the catch panel underneath the burners in this circled area. It wasn't a noticeable amount because I only noticed it when I was wiping that panel and noticed that the circled section was a bit greasier than the rest of the panel.

In that area there was a green wire screwed in from the stovetop. I assume this is a ground or something (I have no idea how electricity works lol) since it isnt connected to anything that requires power. The screw that was keeping the green wire secured to the catch panel had a decent amount of gas on it so I'm afraid some gas went down that hole.

The concerning thing is that below that panel is some sort of fluffy material (I assume its a insulation of some sort). I have pointed out the holes where you can see the insulation. Tbh I dont think the spill reached any of the holes in the bottom half of the image, I just included those as an example of what may be sitting below the catch panel. I tried to remove the catch panel so I can further assess the damage/air it out a bit but I cant figure out a way to do it without permanently deforming the panel or the outer frame.

After cleaning the oven last night I slept on it. Today non of the coil burners smell of gasoline and neither does the corner section of the catch panel. So hopefully thats a good enough sign. How should I proceed?
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