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Brand new Electrolux washer (ELFW7437AW) not filling properly


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Dec 30, 2020
Toronto, ON, Canada
Model Number
Less than 1 year
Brand new Electrolux ELFW7437AW washer issue, not filling with enough water

I do not believe it is filling with enough water.

We have done multiple loads: Normal Cycle, Hot Temp, Max spin.
  • At start of cycle there is 47 min remaining. The first thing that seems to happen is the pump runs for a few seconds to drain any water, then it tumbles for maybe 30s dry, then lets in a bit of water,
  • Then tumbles a bit more , let's in some more water
  • 9 min later at the 38min mark, if I pause and open the door, the clothing is still NOT fully wet and the temp is about 22 deg C. My water temp coming of the water heater is 50 deg C. and It is not that far. My previous 3.5 cu front load would be hot inside the drum at this point based on the amount of water volume.
  • And it is not reversed hoses, crimped connectors or anything like that.. the water inlet is hot indicating that some hot water is getting in, but based on the clothes not being fully wet at nearly 10 min into the cycle, I believe it is a water volume issue -- that the unit is not letting enough water in period - water level sensor perhaps?
Anyone else seeing this behavior?
Thanks for your reply.... Do you mind providing further information on what was done to repair it and what parts may have been replaced? I assume it is working better now? Thank you again. I appreciate any info you can provide.

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