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brand quality?


Premium Member
Aug 4, 2005
Guess I'll have to replace the washer, then. I'm just looking for a basic model. What are the quality brands these days? HD has the Admiral AA7000 for around $300, Sears scratch and dent has a Kenmore (supposedly whirlpool) series 80 for around $340.

What brands seem to be better quality? Is a lower cost washer going to last 20 years like the last one, or should I spend a little more up front to get better quality?


ron in sc

Premium Member
Jul 23, 2005
Charleston, South Carolina, USA
I sent you the information I have on the Speed Qeens that I got from Alliance Laundry who makes them. The information I have is for front loaders only. I think most of the front loaders out there do not last as long as the traditional top loaders although I still think the front loaders are better.

I just finished doing the bearing and seal repair on my Frigidaire and I was not impressed with how it is designed and how much work it was to repair. Not to mention the short time, about 3 1/2 years before it got very, very loud on the final spin cycle.

My plan is to move old washer to garage after I route hot and cold water out there and install a drain and buy a Speed Queen front loader. They seem to be more heavy duty and easier to service, I think. The Speed Queens also have real switches and timers not that electronic pad stuff.