Buttons don't work, need control module cover for SHU5304UC/06


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Apr 10, 2017
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A little while back I collected a few non-working Bosch dishwashers to scavenge spare parts for our old Bosch. Turns out one those non-workers would be working fine if the buttons worked. After disassembly, I found the button problem had to do with broken levers. The levers are integral to the plastic cover that mounts over the printed circuit boards. The user pushes a button, the button pushes a lever, and the lever pushes an actual switch on the circuit board.

While disassembled, I removed the buttons from the fascia, then reassembled the dishwasher. With the buttons removed, I had direct access to the switches on the printed circuit boards, and that allowed me to run the DW through the various cycles.

I've been unable to find an online source for the cover, though it seems to be available for similar dishwashers and cost in the $60 range.

The cover is embossed with these numbers: 65 41 13. 19. 01/F
and has a paper sticker with more numbers: Siemens 5WK5701

The entire module assembly is $255, which is more than I can rationalize for a 21 year old (FD7705) dishwasher, probably not the $60 either.

Anyone know where I can find the part? or a work around? I suppose I could mill out the strip of broken levers, then mill a replacement insert out of flat stock nylon or similar. Any suggestions?
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